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"IHS" Does Not Mean "Jesus"

"IHS" Does Not Mean "Jesus"

The Satanic Roots Of The Roman Catholic Institution

Nimrod developed astrology, and laid the foundations for black and white witchcraft. Shem (Cush's great uncle, Noah's son, and a righteous man), appalled by his nephew's evil deeds, killed Nimrod. Before his death, Nimrod married and impregnated his mother Semiramis. After Nimrod was slain, Semiramis convinced the people of Babylon that Nimrod was a god (the sun god Baal), and that she was a goddess (the Queen of Heaven). Semiramis developed the Satanic religion of Baal worship, including confession (for blackmail and public fear), secret societies (prefiguring Masonry, Mormonism, Jesuits, and the Illuminati), and the idea that she, as the religious leader, was the only medium to God (prefiguring the Pope). Idols appeared featuring mother Semiramis and baby Nimrod (prefiguring the Virgin Mary and Baby Jesus); her symbol was the moon (Isis, Diana), and Nimrod's was the sun (Horus, Baal, Sol). Semiramis promoted baby sacrifices and celibacy for priests, foreshadowing Roman Catholicism. She invented death by crucifixion (crucifixes were originally occult symbols in Babylon and Egypt). Semiramis bore another child (by her son Nimrod, while claiming she was a virgin) named Tammuz, who she maintained was the reincarnation of Nimrod (Baal). This was the foundation of the virgin mother with child archetype that Satan used to corrupt many world religions. 

In Egypt, Semiramis became Isis, and Nimrod became Horus (as a child) and Osiris as an adult (the pyramid eye of Freemasonry is the "eye of Osiris"). Sun worship dominated Egypt. Egyptian priests practiced "transubstantiation", claiming to be able to transfer the sun god Osiris into a circular wafer. In rituals prefiguring Catholic Mass, the faithful then ate the "body" of their god to nourish their souls. The letters IHS on the sun-shaped wafers stood for Isis, Horus, Seb (later, Roman Catholics claimed they were the first three letters of Jesus' name in Greek).

anno domini

After Christ's death and resurrection, Satan, using Gnostics in Alexandria, Egypt, corrupted the Biblical scriptures, playing down the deity of Jesus and adding the Apocrypha. As the Roman Empire was falling, Constantine claimed the throne. He was challenged by another Roman general, Maxentius. During a battle with Maxentius' army, Satan showed Constantine the sign of a cross in the sky (an Egyptian ankh) underneath the words, "In this sign conquer." Constantine "became a Christian", painted the ankh on his army's shields, and was victorious. Though he declared publicly that he and his soldiers were Christian, he still secretly worshipped Sol (Baal). Constantine then took over the Roman government and issued the Edict of Milan, a decree of tolerance for Christians, "baptized" his troops, and presided as the first Summus Pontifex (the official title of the Pope).

Many of the existing "Christian" churches he legitimized had been earlier infiltrated by spies under Nero, and had become corrupt. Over the years, these counterfeit churches, under Constantine's guide, eventually evolved into Roman Catholicism. Constantine ordered Eusebius, the Bishop of Caesarea, to have fifty Bibles assembled. Although true Christians had assembled the correct Word of God in Antioch, Syria, Eusebius chose the corrupted Alexandrian texts from Egypt, which had been altered by the Gnostic scholar Origen under Satan's guidance. These Bibles were the foundation of the Roman Catholic church. The Vatican later created the Latin Vulgate from the original fifty, and all other versions were outlawed. 

Roman Catholicism transferred Baal worship into an already corrupted Christianity. The icon of the virgin mother and child with halos (representing the sun), Mary as the queen of heaven, confessionals, wafer worship, transubstantiation, and priests as exclusive mediators of God were all derived from the Satanic Babylonian religion. Roman Catholicism became a mixture of witchcraft, Judaism, paganism, and perverted Christianity. Witches thrived and were ordained by the Vatican. Meanwhile, true Christians spread the word that the Vatican was the Whore of Babylon (of the Book of Revelation). Rome was outraged, and staged the Holy Inquisition, torturing and murdering "heretics" to eliminate both Christians and Jews, and to fill the coffers of the church. Later, in response to the Vatican's oppressive dogma, Martin Luther, a former Augustinian monk, nailed his 95 theses to the wall of a church in Germany, heralding Protestantism. The Vatican is shaken as Protestantism spreads rapidly through Europe. In order to stamp out the spiritual rebellion, Pope Paul III ordered Ignatius de Loyola to found the Order of Jesuits, which would act as the intelligentsia and secret militia of the Vatican. Loyola had already founded the occult Illuminati, which he then placed under the umbrella of the Vatican. The secret Satanic organization later became the most important branch of the Jesuit order, controlling the world economy, international banking, military forces, witchcraft, and the world religions. Jesuits ("the militia of the popes") used witchcraft, meditation (trances), hypnosis, and speaking in tongues to infiltrate and destroy the Bible-believing Protestant church. To this day, the Superior General of the Jesuits, "the Black Pope", is the mysterious man behind the Pope; it is he who has the ultimate power in the Vatican. The Jesuits helped develop many cults: Freemasons, Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses, Christian Science, and many others, to serve the interests of the Vatican. They staged campaigns to rid Europe of Bible-believing Christians, first in France, then in England (by secretly trying to substitute the corrupted Alexandrian Bible for the English translation). The bait and switch plot failed, as King James successfully translated the Word of God (the Antioch manuscripts) into his English version-to this day the only uncorrupted text.

In the modern world, the Vatican (the Whore of Babylon) is responsible for: All Satanic Bible versions

Based on the corrupted Alexandrian Gnostic manuscripts. The King James Version is the only true "word of God". 

Baal worship (Sun god religion of ancient Babylon) in the guise of Christianity 

The communion wafer of Roman Catholic mass ("wafer god", "death cookie") is based on the Egyptian ritual of transubstantiation, in which the temple priests would magically transform the sun-shaped wafers into the "body" of Horus, and the worshippers would then "eat" their sun god (derived from Baal from Babylon). Today's Catholic wafers are imprinted with the letters IHS, which Chick maintains stands for Isis, Horus, Seb, the Egyptian gods. The crucifix was created by Semiramis, in honor of her son Tammuz, and is a symbol of death and the occult. "Behind the crucifix are strong demonic forces giving out tremendous power, as depicted in vampire movies". Mary worship, and the icon of the virgin with child is derived from the image of Semiramis (the "Queen of Heaven") and her baby Tammuz (Baal), by Nimrod. Chick traces this archetypal icon to most world religions, as evidence of Satan's covert religious influence. The Pope is identified by Chick as the Antichrist of Revelation; the Vatican as the Whore of Babylon. 


Babylonian ritual celebrating the "rebirth" of the sun god Baal (Tammuz) after the Winter Solstice.


Mohammed was a stooge selected and seduced by a female agent of the Vatican to create a new religion for the Arab world-under doctrinal guidance of Roman Catholicism "advisors"-which would conquer Jerusalem for the Pope. The plan failed, for when the Muslims did conquer Jerusalem, they had grown to such a great number that they felt themselves invincible. Muslims later invaded Europe, challenging the Vatican, and beginning the Crusades.


The Illuminati was created by super-evil Ignatius Loyola before founding the Order of Jesuits, which would later become the Vatican's CIA. The original goal of the Illuminati (a "Satanic organization") was "to control the minds of European leaders through hypnosis, witchcraft, and mind control". Loyola communed with demonic spirits for advice in setting up the organization, who "illuminated his mind", hence the name. Once Loyola became powerful in the Vatican hierarchy as the Jesuit General, the occult Illuminati became "the most important branch of the Jesuit order, eventually coming to control the world economy, international banking, military forces, all branches of witchcraft, and the religions of the world, putting humanity on its knees to serve the Pope."

U.S. Civil War & Assassination of President Lincoln

Lincoln was assassinated by the Jesuits for two reasons. 
1) For defending, while still a lawyer, Charles Chiniquy, a renegade Canadian priest who had founded a community in Illinois. Chiniquy was the target of repeated Vatican attacks for breaking with the Church. Lincoln won the case. 

2) For foiling the Confederacy in the Civil War, a Jesuit engineered, Vatican backed plot to destroy the U.S. After Lincoln won the Civil War, the Vatican exacted its revenge. Not surprisingly, John Wilkes Booth wore a medal of the Virgin Mary around his neck.

Ku Klux Klan

The KKK was created by Jesuits following their failure in the Civil War, in an effort to prejudice African Americans and liberal whites against Protestantism. They are, to put it mildly, a negative PR organization.

Freemasonry, Mormonism, Jehovah's Witnesses, Christian Science

"These are some of the spiritual abominations spawned by the Jesuits. You can see the evidence of this in that these cults, as forms of Roman Catholicism, have the same basic underlying pattern in their doctrines, religious practices, and structure."

World War I

Before World War I, France signed a treaty with the Czar of Russia (a target of revenge for the Pope, because of his protection of the rival Eastern Orthodox church), infuriating the Vatican. Meanwhile, the Orthodox church was spreading throughout Europe. The Vatican backed Kaiser Wilhelm ("a good Roman Catholic") in his bid to expand Germany's borders, hoping that France and the Orthodox menace in the Balkans would be destroyed in the process. Many Roman Catholics from various countries were slaughtered in the war, yet the Vatican was unmoved. "Satan, working through the Vatican, had put millions into hell."

Communism & Russian Revolution

To understand why the Vatican created Communism, one must go back to the time of Constantine. Constantine, a false Christian and secret Sol (Baal) worshipper, created the Roman Catholic church. He was its first "pope", declaring tolerance for Christianity in Rome after centuries of persecution. He moved to Byzantium (Constantinople; Istanbul today), where he set up an eastern branch of the Catholic church. Later, a rift developed between Rome and Constantinople, and the city became the center of the Orthodox church, a hated rival of the Vatican in the Eastern Europe and beyond. The Eastern Orthodox church eventually came under the protection of the Czars of Russia, hence the Czar was always a target for revenge from the Vatican. In the early 1900's, the Vatican saw its chance to exact revenge on the Czar and exterminate the Orthodox church. Nicholas the 2nd's Russia was unstable, his court in turmoil. The Russian people were disgruntled. Planning their attack, the Jesuits coached Marx and Engels in writing The Communist Manifesto to spread dissent amongst the Russian working class. The Communist Party was bankrolled by the Illuminati in order to create another power loyal to the Vatican, once the Czar had been overthrown. The Jesuits masterminded the Russian Revolution, and secretly moved the Vatican's gold into Russia. When the fighting broke out, Jesuits sent Lenin into Russia in a sealed train filled with revolutionaries. Meanwhile, the Czar had already been captured by Jesuit agents and forced to abdicate. Lenin arrived, gained control of the Reds, while unbeknownst to him Jesuits acting as Communists tried the Czar and his family and slaughtered them. The hunt then began for the leaders of the Orthodox church; many were found and killed. When the troops arrived at the Orthodox patriarch's church, however, he welcomed them, saying that he had been hiding the Czar's gold for them. The Communists, cowed by the gold, which included the Vatican's gold, spared the patriarch and ceased the extermination of Orthodox leaders. The pope was outraged and vowed revenge on the turncoat Communists, and the remnants of the Orthodox church. The crafty Jesuits began to plan World War II to this end. 

Nazis & World War II

Just before World War II, Germany was suffering a great depression. In order to exterminate the Jews (the Vatican's rivals for possession of the Holy Land), and get revenge on the Russians for the Communist debacle, Jesuits arranged for pro-Catholic Jews to buy up land from the ruined Germans, stirring up anti-Jewish resentment. Meanwhile, Communist movements were springing up in Italy, so the Vatican put Mussolini in power, under the guidance of Jesuits. Mussolini declared Roman Catholicism the official religion of Italy, and restored the Pope's temporal (political) power over the nation. Back in Germany, Jesuits moved to destroy the Weimar Republic because it was democratic ("two things the Vatican despises are Protestantism and Democracy"). A Jesuit priest named Staempfle wrote Mein Kampf for Adolph Hitler, whom the Jesuits were grooming for power. The book was "the master plan of the Jesuits for Hitler's takeover of Germany". Hitler's brown shirts rose to power, and the Vatican backed him, giving him the Masonic swastika as a national symbol. Hitler and many of his top aides, including Goebbels and Himmler, were Roman Catholic. Rome signed a concordat with Hitler in 1933, officially recognizing Nazi Germany. To complete the Fascist Catholic triumvirate, the Vatican put Franco in control of Spain, squashing Communist uprisings in the process. In Germany, Roman Catholic Germans infiltrated Protestant churches, spreading anti-Jewish sentiment, in order to insure that the Jews would blame Protestants, not Catholics, for the coming Holocaust. Jesuits hid over 1000 Jews in the catacombs of the Vatican to cover their asses in case Hitler lost the war. World War II raged throughout Europe, and the Holocaust began. Hitler publicly compared SS chief Himmler to Ignatius Loyola, explicitly connecting the Holocaust to the Inquisition. Many Roman Catholic priests wore the black uniforms of the SS and tortured and murdered Jews; a new Inquisition was underway. Fortunately, the Jesuit-engineered plot failed, as Germany surrendered under Allied pressure, and Hitler committed suicide. Cleverly, though, the Vatican had backed itself up, causing the world to believe that the church had nothing to do with the war, and that the Holocaust never happened. During the war, Jesuits made sure Roman Catholics were persecuted alongside Jews, and Roman Catholic Germans hid some Jews in their homes for later counter-PR. To this day, the Vatican has never apologized for backing the Nazis.

Ecumenical Movement & New Age spirituality

The Ecumenical movement (a Vatican II creation to recognize, and eventually subsume, all world religions) and the New Age movement are precursors of Satan's One World Religion, controlled by the Pope (the Antichrist) in preparation for the One World Government of the Beast, as prophesied in the Book of Revelation.

Jonestown Massacre 

Jim Jones was "a powerful warlock and a well-trained Jesuit". The Jonestown Massacre was a Jesuit-engineered media event, intended to brand all fundamentalists as murderous fanatics. Despite his Jesuit background, the media portrayed Jones as a crazy Bible-believing fundamentalist, hence casting aspersions on true Christians everywhere.

The Pope, is, of course, an Antichrist, while the religious machinery of the Vatican itself is the Whore of Babylon (as it derives its rituals and symbolism from the Babylonian religion of the seductive Semiramis). The Beast is the political structure of the so called "Holy Roman Empire of the Vatican, which will eventually amalgamate into a One World Religion and Government.


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    Can you please tell me how you believe Semiramis is Nimrod's mother? In the bible, I can see that Cush is his father but there is no mention of his mother that I can find. Also, how is it that she gave birth to Nimrod and he grew to the age even to have intercourse with her, and then she claimed virginity? It would seem no one would believe this, and if she kept her son secret all the years than how would the writers of your resource come to know this so many years later?

  2. Sorry, I get the IHS question now from re-reading. I apologize.

  3. It seems we've arrived at the same concept that Christians have been duped by lies in the bible. However, it was the Gnostics who were killed as supposed heretics, and it is the Orthodox wing of Christianity that was corrupted. In my opinion...

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